Craig Snyder

​Craig started working with me around 2013, he had been working in a very hot, and frustrating job, with little or no possible advancement opportunities. 

When Craig started working with me he had little or no prior carpet cleaning experience, but what Craig had was a work driven personality. Craig started out and still has his commitment to doing any job to the best of his ability, and will quit with nothing less than a job well done.

I worked directly with Craig everyday for his first couple of years until I injured my knee and had to take time off. Craig is a fast learner and his tenacity to get a job done right has paid off, he can now see the most minor of defects in a carpet and work with it to make it better. 

The ability to see problems in carpet may seem obvious but having worked with several people over the years, I have found it normally takes 6 months to a year for them to see the minor changes often overlooked by regular carpet cleaners. This is what I worked with to teach Craig and he has picked that up very well, in fact Craig is now teaching it to our newer technicians.

Craig is able to look at a carpet and see if there are miner color changes due to deep down stains or light bleaching, this helps for quoting and notifying prior to cleaning. Craig has learned how to mix dye colors and match bleached spots to original Surrounding colors, this dye work is permanent and will not wash out with future cleanings.

Craig has been promoted to Team leader, as well as crew manager and is in charge of scheduling and maintaining equipment along with daily carpet cleaning, dying, and colored stain removal. 

You will find Craig is always willing to talk about any problems with your carpet and help solve them, he is very good with bleach spots, colored stains, and mal odors in carpet. Over the years he has been cleaning and restoring old worn out carpet he has run across most all problems.

I have had nothing but good reports from Customers regarding Craig, which really doesn't surprise me!