Home Stain Remedies                                      

We all do what we can to save a buck and so I know my customers are going to try to remove some of their stains themselves. Why not we all need to save money when we can and why have the hassle of setting a time for a service crew to come to your house if you do not need to.


I will attach a few of the home remedies I have come across on the internet, mostly ones that follow a chemical logic. I will try to avoid any that could possibly damage your family, pets or carpet. Please keep in mind these are not my formula's and I will not guarantee their ability to work or even worse, damage your carpet. If you have any doubt please test in an area that would not show.


Above all I wish to remind people never ever mix Bleach with Amonia. This creates several stages of gas vapors, and unfortunatly any and all of them can kill you. Bleach can be deadly mixed with any acidic product but Amonia seems to be the most common deadly mix.

               Fruit Juice Spills - ​non professional method

​For fruit juice spills, you can gently work shaving cream into the stain then wipe away with a damp sponge.

 Reason it should work - If you catch it quickly before the dye's penetrate the fibres you only need a concentrated soap. Shaving cream is made to be a little harsh for removing oils from the skin and facial hairs, this also pulls oils from juices out of your carpet. Detergent molecules are made with water loving atoms on one end of the atom chain and oil loving atoms on the other end, this causes the oil loving end to grab the oil molecules from juices and the water loving end to attach to the water in the sponge so you can pull the oils out.

Please remember, these are what I found on the internet and can be tried at your own risk. I have given reasons why they may work when possible, but none of them are endorsed by me or my company

                       Red Wine - non professional method

​Red Wine - If red wine is spilled onto your carpet, blot as much up as soon as you can, do not rub and do not scrub, just blot to remove. Pour some white wine on the stain and dampen a towel with cold water and blot to remove the wine, rinse and repeat until wine is removed. If this doesn't remove it completely or as another method you can cover the stain with salt, allow to dry and sweep thoroughly.


Reason it should work, using another wine (clear) simply dilutes the red wine to the point no red is left. This works because both wines are very similar in molecular structure so they mix easily. Water would mix with wine but not as thoroughly to dilute. Second part, Salt. Salt (sodium chloride) is a base used in many cleaning solutions. Sodium hydroxide is created by mixing salts with potash or cooking with carbon rods (caution, chlorine gas is a byproduct if carbon rods are used with a mild current), and sodium hydroxide is listed on some of your home cleaners. The bad part is chemists have worked hard to develop better and better stain removers and actual stain removers will have iron salt as a base, slightly different but a little better at doing its job. Salt will sometimes work, if used quickly. 24 hours can make the difference of a stain setting or coming out easily.

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