​                                        Red Stain Removal

Ouch, someone spilled a red drink, or food onto your beautiful light colored carpet. What do you do?

First get a towel to absorb as much as possible as quickly as possible, paper towels usually absorb faster but cloth works also.

Next you need to rinse the residue off the carpet fibers a.s.a.p. using a mild detergent, use very little detergent in your water solution; you do not want to leave a soap residue which will attract dirt later. Rub lightly or blot, do not smear the stain.

If you have our "Spot Out"  professional stain remover you can apply that and probably finish removing all signs of the stain. 

If the stain doesn't come out, do not panic; call Partners in Grime 260-466-0209. We can remove almost all stains.  You have done what you safely could and removing the excess now could keep that stain from setting as deep or possibly wicking back to the surface later.

We have professional strength products that will penetrate the fibers and shatter the color molecules causing the red to disappear while not affecting the manufacturers dye.

Home remedies - there are many on the internet. The thing  they stress is to use them immediately. Professional stain classes teach us the difference between a spot and a stain is about 24 hours. You can remove a spot with home products but rarely a stain; Call us for stains that are locked in.