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Every job we do has a crew member trained in spot/stain removal!

 Most carpets don't really have stains, usually its ground in soil that many cleaners don't understand and can not remove.

Although no one can gaurantee 100%  spot/stain removal. We get the nasty ones others say are impossible.

All of our team leaders are trained in spot/stain removal.

Deep Down Carpet Cleaning

Don't just clean your carpet - Rotovac it

The new rotovac system will clean deeper and better than a standard wand for heavily soiled
​carpet .The circular motion and side angled spray jets also lift and fluff matted carpet. Giving

your carpet an almost new appearance​

Carpet Cleaning basics:

Today's Carpet cleaner must understand the chemistry of soils to successfully remove them.

Most soils are Acidic so most cleaning agents are Alkaline, (opposites attract).

Surfactants replaced soap for cleaning in WWII due to shortage of animal fats. Good quality surfactants do not leave a soap scum and are considered better for carpet cleaning. Be sure your carpet cleaner uses name brand products.

Some stains are alkaline and will wash right out if you carpet cleaner knows how to pre-treat.

Pre-treating correctly can make a huge difference in the finished look of your carpets.

Agitating while cleaning will remove much more of the soil. (Rotovac machine, agitates and cleanses all sides of fibers)

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