My name is Van Snyder, I started carpet cleaning in 1999. Before that I had worked as an owner operator of a Barber, beauty shop combination. I had extensive training in hair color, and dye match work.

When I began working with carpet cleaning, I like most carpet cleaners had no idea how to remove stains, or how to dye back the bleach spots often found in residential carpeting. I traveled to educational seminars, and spent hundreds of hours talking to carpet and textile chemists to understand the basic chemistry of carpets and how the dyes are impregnated into the fibers. The dye molecules are not just different shapes and sizes from the dyes used in hair color but they are locked in differently due to differing effects of chemicals.

After years of practice and trial and error even with the classes I took, I developed some systems that worked very well for me. Business grew and I took on helpers but I did all the dye work.

A few years back my Nephew Craig incicated he may be interested in a career change, and about that time I was needing a helper, pretty much full time. As anyone that knows Craig can attestify to, he has very strong work ethics and is quit willing to push his learning envelope.

Craig and I worked together for a couple of years. Same truck, same stains and dyes, day in and day out. Craig picked up on the stain removal rather quickly and worked hard to learn the methods for dyeing carpet. After some time he became very proficient. 

I had an injury to my knee and was unable to work for several weeks, and to my amazement, Craig was able to step up and not only do my job but he seemed to do it very well. As my knee healed, I found I had arthritis in  my lower back. I guess I was very fortunate to have started working with Craig as early as I had.

Since that happened we have expanded the business and I have kept pretty busy running the business from my office. For years I did all the billing, appointments, and project planning. I created the software for my payroll program, as well as the databases and other programs needed to keep a business like this running smoothly. Since I had some background in program management using excel, access, along with word, and outlook I was able to create a unique set of programs for this business.

Now I have semi retired, I still work in the office a little every day but Craig is answering the phones when people call to set appointments, I mostly keep the programs up to date, and keep bills paid and the taxes paid.

My Daughter Markietta is now doing the billing and is expanding her work parameters helping me to be able to travel and be out of the office. Since my traveling is in my RV I am able to use my laptop and keep up with what is happening in the office.

I would like to thank all my customers and employees for working with me and helping me to have a job I enjoyed and still enjoy working with, but thanks to all of you I am also able to travel now and see this beautiful country, we call home.

Van Snyder